A little training in the US.


We arrived in the US yesterday after quite a long and tiresome voyage with a few epic moments. ( left during a snowstorm, found out the Frejus tunnel was shut upon arriving in front of it and crashed my car, a special thanks to my father who took me to the airport at 3am)

Today we had an awesome day on the mountain in Keystone, there is a lack of snow off piste but the pistes and the park are just fabulous. We had good fun doing a bit of freestyle on some perfectly shaped jumps and some nice rails and boxes.

We have another four days here and then we shall head up to Blue Mountain, Canada for the next stage of the World Cups.


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2 Responses to A little training in the US.

  1. Dave Manby says:

    You been taking driving lessons from your brother then? All the best for the competitions coming up. I enjoy watching your progress. Obviously your shoulder is better. No skiing for me this year – my knee is a mess walking up and down stairs over Christmas hurts so skiing won’t be help!

  2. william bankes says:

    hey dave,

    Good to hear from you, yep i certainly did have some from my brother!
    My shoulder is perfect, my boarding a bit less but you can’t have everything.
    sory to hear about your knee, I hope it gets better.